Sunny State of Mind

Spring break is finally here and my friend David and I decided to spend that time with my friends at my favorite home away from home, Florida.  Also due to the nature of this trip, almost all of these pictures were taken with my iPhone 6S for the most part.  I was trying to travel lightweight and lugging around my Canon 60D was a hassle, but still used to a certain limit. 

Greetings from the Greyhound!

Greetings from the Greyhound!

We took the Greyhound from Louisville down to Atlanta with a pit stop in Nashville so we could fly out to the MCO for a more college-budget friendly price.  8 hours of butt numbing rides, interesting but worth the journey if you're the adventurous type.  Oh and we witnessed a fight go down outside our bus after we boarded in Nashville.  Gotta say it's at least an entertaining ride.

Day 1 - Orlando

We arrived in Orlando around 9:30AM and  napped for a little bit to recover from the long bus ride we had so we'd have energy for the jam at UCF later that evening.  After the jam we went to Hotto Potto for some hot pot or for all my Viets we call lau, and made some good conversation and had a good time out with old friends and new.

Izziban Sushi & KBBQ (yelp)

Izziban Sushi & KBBQ (yelp)

Day 2 - Orlando / Jacksonville

Second day we primarily spent time in Orlando, went to New Smyrna Beach and hung out, napped a bit and got some Izziban to eat until our pants didn't fit anymore.  I think all-you-can-eat KBBQ is the thing I'll probably miss most when I'm in Kentucky.  After eating ourselves into a food coma, we took off for Jacksonville to spend time with my Twin Tang, John! 

Day 3 - Jacksonville

On this day, we spent a lot of time just hanging out and relaxing because John had work, and so we went to Jacksonville Beach until he got off.  Pat was nice enough to have a BBQ night at his place and so I got to hang out with Beth, Kenny, Pat, and John of the JAX crew.  We tried to go out that night, but it wasn't as poppin' as we wanted it to be so instead took a trip to Friendship Fountain... until we got kicked out.  Oh and we got a picture with Beth's St. Patty's Sign.


Day 4 - Orlando 

After waking up and heading back to Orlando, we had a quick jam session at Daniel's before we hung out at UCF until dinnertime.  Mama Pak was sweet enough to make us dinner and let us hang out and make a bunch of noise over at the Pak residence.  I was craving ice cream though so we went to Five f(x) (yelp) for some, got me some lychee up in here to satisfy my cravings. 

Day 4 - Miami

After leaving around noonish, we headed out for Miami!  Thanks to Hotel Tonight we got a super great deal on our hotel room split for 5 right on the beachside.  We stayed at the Sherry Frontenac right on Miami Beach and it was a huge steal because it was the same weekend as UMF!  On the beachside and across the street from Walgreens and different restaurants.  Got some Muncheez (yelp) and hung out by the beachside at night and had a good time.

"HEY, they're twins like us so let's go copy it" - me

"HEY, they're twins like us so let's go copy it" - me

Day 5 - Miami

Had a super early start, couldn't sleep at 4AM so I grabbed my sandals and speaker and went down to the beachside, since.... you know... it's right there!  I laid on the beachside just jamming for a bit until Pak came down too and told me he couldn't sleep either.  Then we hung out until sunrise and avoided stepping on coral and collected seashells.  After everyone got up and got breakfast, we went for a quick swim before we headed out to Bayside to see around the Ultra event (still high-key disappointed we didn't go) and after we realized we as a group weren't getting in, we headed out towards Wynwood Art district since it was live and Miami Music Week.  Saw a lot of cool murals and work, had all of us inspired and had good vibes all around.  Maybe I'll be back again when I'm 21 and legal for all the events next year.  

Day 6 - Finale

Drove early on in the day back to Orlando, enough to grab my last meal with everyone until we had to get to the airport for me to check in and get ready to go back to my regular life (and cry). 

Call me a big sap, because I am when it comes to goodbyes.  It sucks major ass when the people you feel closest by heart, are the farthest apart.  Waste no time - not a single second, not even a millisecond because in this world you never know what could happen.  Thank you guys for housin' a homegirl and letting me be the speedy driver getting us from point A to B more efficiently.  Thank you for putting up with my crazy pranks, shenanigans and letting me get a slice of your life out here.  For being there for me.  For being the wonderful human beings that you guys are.  Until our next adventure, and soon we'll meet under the electric sky.  I love you guys, til the end.