Purple Perks

It's our first (full) snow day here in Louisville and it's serious enough to cancel classes and close schools, so cheers to sleeping in!  I've been super busy with work and school lately so there haven't been many outfits to work with during this season, but for those of you have noticed yes I did dye my hair.  I had a session with the lovely Matthew Tyldesley (@hairbymatt) who is starting a video series to show the world my transformation through the whole thing!  I intend to get lighter, but this is a good start considering I had black hair previously and was able to get this light after a very long session with him.  With all the fantastic skills he possesses, I managed to leave the chair with all my hair feeling like hair still and with this fantastic vibrant color.

I've had a few realizations after looking at my past and all my mistakes, and I've come to see that I've lost that personal touch to a lot of things.  Motivation and drive for just passion and creativity.  I used to take pictures of everything, create when I could, wrote when I felt.   That and the fact that I'm not an emotional 17 year old anymore but 3 years has brought big changes.  I'd like to bring more posts to you all, and I'd like to be more than just a frozen picture.  

Big things are coming.

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