August Heat

Top: Topshop / Bottom: Garage / Shoes: Cicihot / Watch & Purse: Kate Spade 

Photographer: Lena Doan

Hello darlings, I hope you all have had a good summer now that it's reaching to a close.  I've stayed extremely busy working full-time all summer saving up money for school and future trips and whatnot.  I mean what other good is working 55-60 hours for if you don't get to enjoy even some of it?   To make up for the 2 unactive months I've been missing, I'd like to show you my favorite summer basics that I go to when I can't seem to brainstorm a cutting edge outfit in this heat.  It's a basic white top, a black skirt and a dime piece white/black/nude pair  of heels with a good trustworthy clutch or handbag.  This pairing has almost never failed me before and it hasn't again.  Now that summer is on it's way into the nice warm colors of fall, I'll be reducing my hours and preparing to return to school as a part-time student and a part-time employee.  Giving me more chances and opportunities to go to more local Louisville events and getting out there and actually being social instead of holed up inside of work all the time.  I'll also be blogging about more food soon for those of you who follow me on instagram know I'm an avid foodie who doesn't regret anything that goes in my stomach, I figure it's time to share some of that with you all and share what lil' Lou is all about. 

Until next time!