Back to School Essentials

Back to School Essentials

To kick off a new semester, I'm going to share with you guys what I carry with me around campus as a survival kit for the school year.  I'll share with you guys what I carry in my backpack, my purse, how I take notes, etc.  I'm making it my mission to stay updated and post a lot more, and get more involved in the local Lou community now that I've gotten more time on my hands.  

Club Nintendo Red Pencil Case / Muji Ballpoint Gel Pen .38mm / Yoobi Ballpoint Retractable Pen / BIC Mechanical Pencil .7mm / Pentel Clic Eraser / Faber Castell 6B Graphite Pencil / Fine Faber Castell PITT Pen / LePen Marker / BIC Brite Liner Highlighter 

I like keeping an assortment of pens and pencils with me.  I carry my moleskine for sketching and doodles which is why I keep a traditional 6B graphite pencil in there along with various types of pens to experiment with.  I'm also quite finicky with note-taking so I use the Muji pen specifically for notes.  I like to cram as much as I can on a page so the finer the tip, the better the notes are for me.  What I generally do when it comes to lectures is keep two notebooks.  One for chicken-scratch writing down as much as information and quickly sketching example graphs as I can, the other for when I go home to revise and transfer it over to a more neatly organized version where I can review during midterms or finals without wanting to bang my head on the desk trying to read what I scribbled in that second.  Also a helpful tip, whenever you are in a big lecture with lots of information that uses a lot of lecture-based content I find it helpful to download Notability and record most of my lectures (and label them by date so you remember!!) so when I go over my notes for exams or quizzes and I seem to have skipped a part in my written notes or didn't understand a section to listen over the recorded lecture and review.  

Lilly Pulitzer (Wild Confetti) Agenda / Moleskine, Sketchbook Edition / Post-it Stickies

When it comes to planners, I'm very picky.  Generally I use a Gallery Leather Planner simply for the quality, but since I didn't feel like ordering a mid-year planner I purchased a Lilly Pulitzer for convenience.  I'm also a fan of the floral print on the cover.  All that aside, it's very important for me to keep track of the day (and dates) to stay on track.  It's very easy to fall off-track and forget if you made plans or a meeting or not, so it's best to have something you know to jot it down on.  I carry stickies as well just if there's a probable but unconfirmed plan or something you need to remember to do, scribble it on the sticky and stick it right in the planner where you'll see it.  I also do to-do lists and shopping lists on the stickies for convenience.  The black book that you see with the Fleur de Lis sticker on the cover is my moleskine sketchbook.   I occasionally draw tattoo art in my free time or just doodle to stay sharp and keep creating when I can.  I jot ideas and such for the blog in there as well.  As someone who studied art for 6+ years now, you can't just quit and let it go just like that, it's good to keep on creating something at least.

Kate Spade Gramercy Gold Watch / Anker 15600mAh Portable Charger / Phone Charging Cable [3 ft] / Urbanears Plattan Plus in Black

Okay, so as someone who uses their phone 24/7 I got one of the most powerful portable chargers you could have for the right price.  The Anker charger will charge an iPhone 6 about 5 times and an iPad Air 1.5 times, so it's good enough to last me through the day and if you catch me on the streets I'll always have a cable hanging off my side coming out of my bag or backpack charging my phone.  If I do forget my charger at home though and my phone happens to die (because iPhone 5S battery is iffy) I still have my watch to tell me what time it is and help me figure out if I'll be late to class or not.  I use my comfy headphones for just about any time I'm studying or at the gym, the mic/volume control option on the Plattan Plus series of the Urbanears is super convenient when I'm in the middle of working out and don't want to pull my phone out of my arm band and change the song to something else or answer a phone call.  When you're studying just about anywhere - a coffee shop, library, etc.  There will always be some uncomfortable noise.  Someone's paper rustling extra loud, someones music exploding out of their headphones or just plain out someone talking really loudly when you're trying to focus.  I carry headphones to cancel out the noises.  Even if I'm not listening to music, I'll do it just so people won't bother me when I'm focused.  When you're going for the don't-bother-me look, keep headphones on and when that guy trying to get your number comes along and tries to talk to you, just pretend you can't hear him because you've got headphones on.  

As my final tidbit before I end this post: no matter how organized you are or how much you spent on supplies or books. The key to passing classes and success solely depends on nobody else but you.  If you don't put in the effort to achieve what you desire, and what you dream for then you will lie at that point where you had effortlessly given up.  Life does not simply hand things out to everyone (although it seems that way for certain people, and we all know at least one of those people) but if you have something that you desire, it is something that you work for.  You do your research, you work hard and save, you talk to people with experience, etc.  There are so many opportunities out there and they are literally just waiting for you to come seize it, and you know what happens if you don't go out and seek it?  Someone else will.

So go out and seize the day.  Believe in yourself!