Louisville meets New York!

Hi guys, to start off my trip... we drove to Chicago early in the morning and went and saw the bean!  We also stayed around to meet with Alexa for a shoot (will post in near future) and with my friend Tony for a bit before we headed out to the ORD Chicago O'Hare airport to catch our flight!  We flew with Spirit, but because of winds out in La Guardia they kept delaying us for a while there.  We arrived at 11PM EST and rested for the night in preparation to spend the whole next day exploring.  


Joe picked us up from the airport after arriving at like 11PM and went out the next morning.  I finally met Reena!  After facetiming and growing closer as friends these last few months, I can honestly say this was a big moment for the both of us.  After meeting each other in person, it just made us closer honestly.  We were even more similar than I thought we were and just as awkward as the other.  I only got to see Reena for two of the five days I spent in New York but I cherished every moment of it!  Hopefully I get to see her again soon, or she comes down to Kentucky for a change.  

Anyways, for the second day we first went to The Smith for breakfast.  Only we were like 2 hours later than the time we agreed to meet up with Bobby and Truong... but hey New York traffic.  Aside from our lateness, we had a great meal and then headed over to MoMA and I got to see all these great works live.  I never thought I'd get to see some of the work there live and up close but it was an honor.  I am not worthy to be in the presence of these art pieces.  After walking around the museum we went shopping around the city in stores that we didn't have in Kentucky and went out for Ramen!  I had never had ramen (the instant ones don't count) and I got my first bowl at Totto Ramen.  I got the Paitan Ramen with corn and a boiled egg in it for a little extra.  Let's just say I miss this the most after coming home.

On Thursday we spent the early morning lining up at Supreme for their weekly drop.  Take note I refuse to ever line up for something early in the morning in the winter in New York ever again.  Nearly froze my hands and toes off and could barely sign a receipt.  After buying my Supreme S hat and everyone else got what they wanted we went for morning Dim Sum at Nom Wah in Chinatown.  With a little more exploration and exploring with just Bobby, Truong and I it was a good time before we met up with Joe to go eat at the Spotted Pig.  

On Friday it was our last time seeing Reena this trip so we got breakfast in Astoria and spent some time together before the snow hit.  We also took corny cheesy friend photos in a parking lot while the snow came down on us.  As we reached Manhattan and was headed towards the MET the snow started coming down really bad.  Well not bad, 3 inches isn't bad for snow but it was still cold.  It turned out to be too cold for Joe to come out so he stayed home and we traveled around the snowy city.  Later that day I got to meet Mel (@meliority) and she showed us so many places to eat.  We got yakitori and dessert and she gave good food suggestions for the rest of our trip.  I have never had a mochi waffle but now I have and I'll spend the rest of my years wanting even more.  

Last day in New York just involved eating as much as humanly possible to cram into my stomach, and also stopping by the Blogger's Closet Clearout hosted by Jeanne (@the.grey), Alyssa (@asianalyssa) and Jannel (@janneltherese) and bought myself lots of cute goodies to bring home before my flight.  I was decently tired and not 100 when I showed up but I'm glad I did for all the good steals I did and felt unworthy to be in the presence of 3 great girls.  One day I'll get there.  Maybe.  Hopefully.  


Last photo is of Joe (@joepreme) even though we both look gross, but thanks for showing us around the city and letting me use your Metro card and showing all of us a good time in New York.  Also for picking me up from the airport and dropping us off, but it's been a good trip and I owe it to you for most of it.  I'll be back someday.