Suffering Optional

Suffering Optional

Optimal must-have for this season is definitely the Suffering Optional Windbreaker that comes in both black and white from City Approval.  This shoot was crazy, and the location was even crazier.  A warehouse drowned in graffiti and rubble, you could just stand there and marvel at how you can turn something that was viewed as trash into a work of art.  If you noticed my hair is also growing longer and I'm super excited! I had this UNIF top saved up for a right opportunity to shoot with and the moment came when this windbreaker came in the mail.  Get yours from City Approval on Black Friday 11/28.  Got tons of respect for this group for all the hard work and effort they put into making their clothes.  Don't sleep on the sales - you snooze, you lose.


Jacket: City Approval Suffering Optional Windbreaker

Top: UNIF Badsport Bra

Skirt: H&M Skater Skirt

Accessories: American Apparel Thigh Highs & Forever 21 Cuff

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Litas


Photographer: Ronnie Vyce