"Fall in love with your solitude." - Rupi Kaur, Milk and Honey.

Vickie Tang - blogging out of the suburbs of Louisville, KY since 2010. 

As your favorite virtual vagabond, I'm always looking for a new kind of adventure to explore.  As a rebel and a visual architect, I believe in beauty beyond the rose bushes and serenity in the simplicity.  The hardworking hustle and originality is what I aspire to bring to this little local town.  Where everyone brings something unique and to call their own to the table, what will I bring?  A humble heart with endless ideas.

Anything sponsored by or given the courtesy to shoot with, will be said such in the post and linked to (if possible) and acknowledged.  Anyone who is interested in collaborating can shoot an email at mgmt@lunarlurker.com

Image Credit: Yazmin Martinez